Norton AntiVirus

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What is Norton AntiVirus?

The Norton AntiVirus is computer virus and malware detection, removal and prevention software that employs signature-based and heuristic detection system to ensure PC protection from these malicious infections. The signature basis checks the infection's malware-associated coding signatures or imprints while the heuristic system identifies infections from already known malwares or variants. It works with Windows OS and mac OS X.

Aside from malware and virus protection, the Norton AntiVirus software also guards the PC against e-mail spamming by filtering the e-mail client used and website phishing protection to safeguard users' confidential information being provided to phished websites like those of banks and online stores.

The pioneering version of Norton AntiVirus was released in 1991, when network-wide corporate computer systems were infected by hundreds of virus strains. It responded successfully to mass enterprise virus protection needs and has since then developed to become one of the most trusted and popular antivirus PC software.

The Norton AntiVirus is part of the Norton Utilities suite of computer protection software, ranging from home to office security software and individual user group security utilities, originally created by antivirus software author and developer Peter Norton, who eventually sold his company Peter Norton computing to Symantec company, but still uses the brand Norton .

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Last updated: : July 22, 2012