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What is NoahsArk?

Noah’s Ark is a gaming software released by PopCap Games where its aim is to have the player clear the animals in pairs from the screen without touching or coming in contact with the other animals. This matching game which has a religious twist was created by the programmer Richard Cresswell. It also gives the player bonus points when the identical animals are removed one after the other.

The Noah’s Ark game software has three main modes, namely, Puzzle, Action and Strategy. In its Puzzle mode, the player is required to create rows of three or more identical animals to make them disappear, this is done by swapping two adjacent animals. Its Action and Strategy modes are almost the same modes where the game ends when the water level reaches the ark, the difference though in the strategy mode, the player may choose to save an animal by abandoning another. It is a general rule for all modes that the water level rescinds when matches are created quickly and consecutively.

Game reviewers praised the Noah’s Ark game software for its easy-to-use features and nice music, although it was also criticized for using only four animals and not having power-ups.

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Last updated: : November 7, 2013