NiceLabel Suite

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What is NiceLabel Suite?

The NiceLabel Suite is a collection of software that allows users to design and develop custom labels for a variety of purposes, but the suite is geared more towards professional users who wish to have their own stylistic imprint on a line of labels for business and corporate needs. The NiceLabel suite addresses the labeling and printing process (the latter of which takes a bigger share of the time spent on label design) with its number of modules, each of which performs a different function. The core module is the NiceLabel Pro, which contains the bulk of the design templates and workspaces to create a custom label, with the other modules augmenting its capability.

There are six modules (excluding NiceLabel Pro). NiceWatch is a printing automation module that stands as a middleware. NiceForm creates custom input forms. NicePrint is the core module that handles all printing tasks, even through a network, and NicePrintQueue snaps with NicePrint where users can monitor, printer status and move print jobs to and from the printers. NiceData is about database management and data import, while NiceMemMaster allows the uploading of TrueType fonts to the printer’s internal memory.

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File types supported by NiceLabel Suite

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