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What is Nero Essentials?

Nero Essentials is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) version of Nero, the most popular CD and DVD burner software in the world which has nearly become a synonym to the act itself. It is similar to a starter software which only has the most basic features of the software, such as CD and DVD burning, without all the bells and whistles of the full version. The OEM version of Nero can be likened to a trial; but unlike a trial that has an expiry date, Nero Essentials has no expiry data and has a perpetual license. This means that you can use it forever without having to pay a dime, since it’s bundled into the computer you’ve already purchased, but you should not expect all the capabilities of the full licensed version.

OEM versions typically can be removed anytime, but you must take care not to do this as this voids the OEM serial key of the product and you will not be able to acquire another one; this is because of the key of the product is bound to the serial number of the device it comes with and there are no other copies of that anywhere. There are manufacturers however that offer their OEM software as separate downloads in their website, but these are rare and it’s the general consensus of most tech experts to keep the OEM and upgrade only as necessary.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012