MyScript Studio Notes Edition

What is MyScript Studio Notes Edition?

MyScript Studio Notes Edition is a utility for converting and exporting handwritten notes from digital writing hardware (such as tablets) into typed text documents. The program can be trained to recognize the user’s typical script at the initial setup, after which it aims to use that starting data as a guide for recognizing note text. The program combines this technology with a large set of dictionaries (several languages are supported) for word identification.

MyScript Studio is able to export and store all handwritten notes from an external device and can also perform searches on those notes using the same text recognition algorithms it uses for converting those notes into typed documents. It also supports actual annotation with digital writing devices: the user can write or draw directly into the application window if he wants to edit the note he has imported. Diagrams and shapes are recognized (and convertible) by the program as well. Other note editing options include highlighting for text, text formatting for converted notes, text color selection or alteration, list autoformatting (bulleted or numbered), and direct export of converted text into third party programs, including Microsoft Office applications.

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File types supported by MyScript Studio Notes Edition

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