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Mtb Application

What is Mtb Application?

Mtb Application is a statistics and quality management software developed and published by the company Minitab. The software is primarily used to identify as parameters of quality assurance and improvement that can be used in companies.

Although the main language of the software is statistics, it remains easy to use as it comes in intuitive designs. All menus and working tools are arranged in such a way that appears logical and organized. Each tool also comes with matching textbooks, journals as well as training support documents that can be used as references. Reports can be produced automatically buy activating the ReportPad option of the software. To check output, the StatGuide can be explored. This functionality also provides written explanation of the results. Another essential functionality is the embedded set of formula and statistical data sets that can be copied, dragged, or typed for analysis. The software comes in several languages as well to help users from different parts of the world.

The data and file management system of the software is one of its key functions. It also comes with graphics engine for presentations of graphs, charts, as well as reports. Menus and toolbars are customizable for ease of use

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File types supported by Mtb Application

Our users primarily use Mtb Application to open these file types:

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