Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword

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What is Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword?

Mount & Blade - With Fire and Sword is an “expandalone” for the Mount & Blade RPG game: it runs on much the same game mechanics as the other Mount & Blade games, but (since it is a stand-alone expansion) does not actually require that the player install other Mount & Blade games to play it. Designed for Windows PCs, it falls in the action RPG and strategy video game genres, besides also being a sandbox game in the sense that it allows players to choose multiple elements of their preferred game progress as they work their way around the map in a bid to control as much of Eastern Europe as possible. The actual central storyline, however, is from “With Fire and Sword”, the novel by Henry Sienkiewicz.

Firearms are already available in the war units and weapons supplied in the game. Armies can be customized heavily through specific units’ gear choices. Political issues run deep in the quests available for players, and there is a multiplayer mode with a deathmatch option. The program is compatible with the 7, Vista and XP versions of Windows and requires 1.2GB of RAM, at the very least.

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Last updated: : August 21, 2014