MONOGRAM GraphStudio

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What is MONOGRAM GraphStudio?

The Monogram GraphStudio is a free software which is based on GraphEdit, a filter graph application utility for Microsoft DirectShow (part of the Microsoft DirectX suite) which is part of the DirectX and DirectShow software development kit (SDK). GraphEdit is still supported by DirectShow, but activity for the software has been at an all-time low for several years, and since GraphEdit is proprietary software the Monogram GraphStudio is a third-party-developed application that mimics both the look and role of the GraphEdit, and unofficially extends the functionality of the latter. Needless to say, GraphStudio is a filter graph utility as well.

Filter graphs are small utilities that are used for multimedia processing and post-processing, such as capturing video from a hardware device (from a webcam, for example). The most common examples of a filter graph is a codec; in this scenario, a filter graph application accepts raw input (such as video), processes it, and outputs it (in a compressed structure) in a format that is specified in the filter graph. In its most common representation, a filter graph is usually represented with boxes and the progression of the file to be processed is directed in such a way to look similar to a flowchart, though presented in a side-by-side fashion.

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Download MONOGRAM GraphStudio (external link)


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Last updated: : March 8, 2012