What is MonkeyJam?

Rendering and creating animations in a traditional way costs a lot of time and effort. This factor has been eliminated by the MonkeyJam software. The software was held popular before it was discontinued by the developer. MonkeyJam is an animation tool developed by GiantScreamingRobotMonsters. More specifically, the MonkeyJam is an animation frame compiler. It was created to help artists and animators render stop motion animated movies in a short period of time.

The artist will just need a digital camera or a webcam to capture an unlimited number of frames in the movie. Afterwards, when the picture files are gathered together, the MonkeyJam will arrange and organize them in layers. This will make a rather decent flow of the movie. The software has also a preview feature wherein the users can review the movie to check for glitches, errors and flaws. The files that will be rendered by MonkeyJam can be saved in an .AVI extension. The user interface of the software was designed to make it fun to work. However, there is but one error when the software was released in the internet. Whenever the movie is previewed or rendered, it won't stop playing. The movie undergoes into an infinite loop. This problem was not solved by the developer. MonkeyJam is made for the Windows operating system. It is preferably installed in Windows 7. The software supports English language for the interface. It is also easy to download because the software is just 1.3 MB in size.

Download MonkeyJam from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download MonkeyJam (external link)

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File types supported by MonkeyJam

Our users primarily use MonkeyJam to open these file types:

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