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What is MindHabits Trainer?

3D Mol Viewer for Vector NTI Advance is a utility that allows Vector NTI users to open 3D image files of protein or DNA structures for viewing (thus the common abbreviation of the name: “3D Mol” is actually “3D molecule”). More than one 3D image file can be opened in the same session by the software, which makes use of a powerful but speedy program for rendering images. The 3D aspect of the image also means that structures are technically interactive when being viewed: the user can rotate or turn them as desired to get an alternative view of the structure.

There are also some options for editing the structure’s display characteristics. For instance, a user can choose to invert the structure, select how much detail he can see in it, show it in a particular rendering style, or select the colors he wants the program to use in rendering it. Files are imported as PDBs when using the program, which can also interface with Vector NTI Advance by sending chain sequences as well as structural motifs to it. Furthermore, there are measurement tools for structures.

Download MindHabits Trainer from the developer

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About file types supported by MindHabits Trainer

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Last updated: : July 28, 2014