MIDAS/Text Editor

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What is MIDAS/Text Editor?

The Midas / Text Editor is a rich text editor used for either the Mozilla browser or the Mozilla-like Gecko browser. The purpose of using Midas would be to make edits to a text document in the HTML format. Users who are familiar with Internet Explorer’s DHTML text editing commands should understand how to use Midas, as it was designed to work in the same way. Hence, for instance, a user can render the whole document editable by changing its document.designMode property as enabled or on. Users can also create new text documents with the program, find and replace text strings, create bookmarks within a document, and print documents.

Some of the other commands available on the Midas Text Editor include backcolor, which sets the background color for a document being edited, and contentReadOnly, which write-protects all the text in a document (ostensibly to prevent it from being edited while other things are happening on the page). Users can also create links within documents, select fonts, edit font sizes, insert images and other objects, indent text, remove inline formatting, unlink existing links, and much more.

Download MIDAS/Text Editor from the developer

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Download MIDAS/Text Editor (external link)


File types supported by MIDAS/Text Editor

Our users primarily use MIDAS/Text Editor to open these file types:

About file types supported by MIDAS/Text Editor

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Last updated: : September 3, 2014