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Microsoft Office Visio

What is Microsoft Office Visio?

Now rebranded as simply Microsoft Visio, the Microsoft Office Visio is an object-based engine software that uses an object template metaphor to generate 2D diagrams, which are output as vector graphics that may contain data in themselves as well, in diagram form or in whatever mode the user has chosen to represent the data with. Originally created by ShapeWare Corporation in the early 90s, Visio uses object templates that can be applied across a variety of disciplines, software, or environment that supports the presentation of such objects, such as databases, presentations, or even graphic editors. Microsoft Visio is available in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Premium, in ascending order of the number of features available and utility. For example, Professional has a lot of additional tools and templates, plus optional features that enable users to connect Visio diagrams with other data sources and connect the information from these sources graphically (using the Visio template), while Premium has all these plus additional diagram types, intelligent rules support, among others for more advanced uses.

Visio uses the .vsd file format. Because of its proprietary code architecture few programs other Visio itself can read and access Visio diagrams.

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File types supported by Microsoft Office Visio

Our users primarily use Microsoft Office Visio to open these file types:

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