Microsoft Office Professional Edition

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What is Microsoft Office Professional Edition?

Microsoft Office Professional Edition is a tool that provides data, business and personal finance management. Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is the newest version which is a complete tool that helps users connect, organize and present any information needed for office and business uses. It assists users in building a track and budget expenses using the built-in templates in Microsoft Excel 2000.

Microsoft Office Professional Edition has plenty of features for users. One of them is the included powerful analysis tools like Sparklines where users can see the trends of data and chart embedded in cells. It also has Slicers and Conditional Formatting, in which the former enables data filtering in a PivotTable, while the latter help spot variances. The SmartArt graphics and improved charting tools are also good features that illustrate information through charts, graphs and diagrams.

Microsoft Office Professional Edition generally organizes all information in one place. It collects information, data and ideas in OneNote 2010 which must be created to organize all materials, media and files needed for a project, proposal or presentation. It also provides simple tagging when finding information as it is integrated with improved search technology and Internet search through Quick Filing.

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