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What is Microsoft Office Document Scanning?

Microsoft Office Document Imaging, or sometimes simply known as MDI (standing for Microsoft Document Imaging) is a tool built into the Microsoft Office suite and its various editions that facilitate the translation of paper to data. Such files generated this way have an extension called .mdi, and can be read by the Microsoft Office Document Imaging application. First introduced in Office XP, the Microsoft Office Document Imaging application was later deprecated in Office 2010, as most of its features were integrated in several mainstream applications (such as Word), precluding the need for a separate program to handle its capabilities. There are two components of this system, of which the first is the Scanning component.

Simply put, the Office Document Scanning application component is a scanning software, which then optionally converts the captured image from a scan to plain text that can be edited in Microsoft Word, or in any other compatible word processing software, via OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

The Microsoft Office Document Imaging has two components – the scanning and the imaging, respectively. The scanning component captures images from a compatible scanning device, just like any other scanning software, and then automatically converts text from these scanned images via OCR. Finally the imaging component enables you to view the scanned document, and even send it to others through e-mail, fax, among other things.

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