Microsoft LifeCam

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What is Microsoft LifeCam?

Microsoft LifeCam is a series of webcam hardware by Microsoft. Available in two configurations for either desktop or laptop computers, with slight differences – the VX series for desktops and the NX series for laptops – it also has specialized webcam lines such as wide angle viewing cameras and those with autofocus, available in either configuration. The Microsoft LifeCam has a dedicated driver and software utility to enhance and bring out the full potential of the webcam, and is specially designed to work with Windows Live Messenger (thus allowing direct Internet connectivity). All LifeCam webcams have integrated microphones, precluding the need for a separate mic hardware, and have a dedicated Live Call button that would cause Windows Live Messenger to initiate a video call session with a selected contact. The Microsoft LifeCam software utility is also bundled with Windows Live Messenger.

The capabilities of the LifeCam line vary on the unit and the family it is in; generally, VX series LifeCams are more durable than their NX counterparts, although the NX ones are more portable (since they’re for laptops). However, features are generally the same for the analogous models, and newer LifeCam units feature true HD capture with 1080p resolution.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012