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What is Microsoft Help Viewer?

The Microsoft Help Viewer is a new form of the Microsoft Help format that was released in 2010, along with Visual Studio 2010. It has superseded the previous Help standard, Microsoft Help 2, which was used in previous versions of Visual Studio and Office 2007, and featured several new improvements that enhanced the user experience and improved its performance. Some of these improvements were drastic, such as its browser-based model that streamlined the Help experience and precluded the need for a separate application, such as the Microsoft Document Explorer. This essentially made for a more lightweight navigation and reading than prior Help standards. In addition, Visual Studio 2010 offers assistance for online and offline Help viewing when F1 is pressed.

This new Help standard comes with a new file extension and format as well, the .mshc, which standard Microsoft Help Container (in contrast to the earlier .chm files). An MSHC file is basically a ZIP (or archive) file with a different extension, and only includes the Help author's content files and requires no compiler as well, unlike the other Help models that it replaced. These content files are written and compiled in XHTML, and standard HTML meta tags are used to cross-reference several topic attributes such as the Table of Contents, Index, and Keyword list.

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Last updated: : June 18, 2012