Microsoft Find Fast

If you are looking for Microsoft Find Fast, you have come to the right place. We explain what Microsoft Find Fast is and point you to the official download.

What is Microsoft Find Fast?

The Microsoft Find Fast is a support utility for Microsoft Windows Office suite by enabling the user to quickly and easily find documents and track file names from the open dialog window.  The programs supported by the Microsoft Find Fast include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Project as well as Microsoft Outlook. 

This utility is automatically installed together with the Microsoft Windows Office suite, where a utility shortcut is directly placed to the Start Up program on the left side of the computer full screen.   

Aside from finding documents and search tracking files and folders, the Microsoft Find Fast can also do a lot of filing and organizing and building the user's personal search system within the internal computer. A user can add additional index, delete old ones and create other options for file indexing.  Index files created by the Microsoft Find Fast are hidden.  as such, to locate and manage these indexed files, a user simply search on the topmost level of the indexed folders based on its location in the computer.

Various files created on the computer can be included in the index list.  These include the standard Word files, Excel documents and Spreadsheets, Project files, Workbooks and others.  It also index files in their original file formats.  Beyond the MS Office files, the Microsoft Find Fast also index documents created from third party software like Lotus Notes, WordPerfect, Word for Macintosh and RFT-DCA files, among others.

Download Microsoft Find Fast from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download Microsoft Find Fast (external link)


About file types supported by Microsoft Find Fast aims to be the go-to resource for file type- and related software information. We spend countless hours researching various file formats and software that can open, convert, create or otherwise work with those files.

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Last updated: : August 14, 2012