Microsoft Ensemble Studios Age of Mythology

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What is Microsoft Ensemble Studios Age of Mythology?

Age of Mythology is a rated T [teen] game by the ESRB. You play in a setting where you battle with legendary monsters and the gods have a say on mortal affairs. It has an expansion pack, the Age of Mythology: The Titans. You choose from one of the nine ancient civilizations to lead your men through an empire such as engaging in war against your enemies, building great armies, getting and storing resources, establishing new settlements, managing routes for profit and trade, improving production, strengthening your military power, exploring new territories and moving forward to four different ages.

To have supreme reign, you can use mythological creatures such as Cyclops and Minotaurs to weaken your enemies. You can also ask the help of the gods to send meteors down to crash enemy towns or to dissemble enemy troops with lightning storms. The game has a 3D graphical environment. Offensive tips for playing include giving your enemies an initial surprise attack, use offense to expand such as starving your enemy from food and gold, depriving your enemy of the idea of your army’s strength for them to spend on unnecessary resources, harassment and pressure on your opponent’s camp to distract their strategy by keeping the fight on their territory, train your troops to be front liners, retreat rather than lose a battle. Don’t waste your god powers as they can be used only once. Don’t use them too early as you might end up wasting them. Follow the healing units in every culture. Use mythological units to support and protect your human units. Combine units to protect against attacks.

Defensive tips include surveying the area around your base for you to consider how you would build your structures, using natural barriers such as forests and impenetrable rocks for your makeshift walls, Towers reinforced with military units, assigning cavalry units to your base defense units, spreading out your walls and Towers to avoid single destruction by your enemies.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012