Microsoft Chat

What is Microsoft Chat?

Microsoft Chat may refer to the Microsoft Comic Chat application—a novel one that made use of comic avatars and backgrounds to illustrate the chat. The program was equipped with complex algorithms that allowed it to automatically select the gestures and expressions of the character avatar chosen by the user so that it would correspond as closely as possible to what the user typed. It was possible to override the automatic process too, if the user preferred to do manual expression or gesture selection. Backgrounds could be selected by users as well, providing the chat users with a unique mode of visualization for their conversations. The text they typed into the chat would appear in speech balloons over characters’ heads as in a real comic strip too.

The drawings/avatars in the program were originally all from Jim Woodring, the author and artist of the magazine “Jim”. Later on, though, Microsoft allowed users to add their own unique avatars and art to the program so the character base for users expanded and could be personalized deeply. It was originally bundled with Microsoft’s IE, but it has since been discontinued.

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File types supported by Microsoft Chat

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