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What is Metin2?

Metin2 is an online game launched by Ymir Entertainment Co., Ltd. The game was developed in Korea, USA and Europe and it was published by Gameforge 4D GmbH last 2004. Since then, the game has over 13million registered accounts from different countries and 8million of it are active players. The theme of Metin2 is quite similar to the other massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). Its terrains are set to an ancient civilization wherein empires and kingdoms existed. The story of the game starts when a decease killed some people from a certain kingdom. These people did not die as they are. Hence most of them turned to undead and beasts and these beasts devour the living. Because of the disasters and the danger that the people encounter every day, the kingdom divided into 3 kingdoms all over the world. These 3 kingdoms eventually became enemy from each other.

The players have 4 different classes to choose from as they start to play the game. They can choose either warrior, shaman, Sura or a ninja. Each character has advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, they will choose which kingdom their character would reside. When he chooses a kingdom, the other players from the other kingdoms will be his enemy. The classes of Metin2 have its subclasses. In a warrior, they can choose either an attacker wherein they will have great strength, or a tanker wherein the player will be provided with thick defenses. For shaman classes, the player can choose either a healer or a buffer. While in ninja classes, the player can choose to be an assassin who fights in a stealth mode, or an archer who fights in a long range battle. In the Sura classes, the player can upgrade to a better class wherein they can use deadly weapons and black magic. Suras are accustomed to fight in a very long ranged battle with their black spells. The player must work hard to be promoted to these subclasses. The players can get experience from monsters that are scattered out of the kingdom. They can also get valuable and rare items that can help them in leveling up or in solving quests.

Aside from fighting mods and monsters, the player can also fight another player (PVP). They can challenge players in a duel. In this type of battle, players will not lose their experience and ranks if they are killed. Outside the kingdom, however, players can lose some EXP and items if they are attacked by another player and die. Players of Metin2 are able to engage in a PVP fight if they reach level 15. The game promotes socialization for players. They are able to interact, build friends and be used in sales and fights. The game is also action packed, perfect for players who love sword fights and ancient wars.

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Last updated: : January 27, 2014