Medieval Total War

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What is Medieval Total War?

Medieval: Total War is a combat game that combines engaging turn-based strategy and exciting real-time tactics, with both sections given equal play. Set in the Middle Ages, the game is based on building an empire in medieval Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

In the turn-based strategic layer of the game the player can choose one of fourteen factions and build his empire by raising armies to occupy neutral or enemy territories. This is done by moving pieces around the map to build units and construct buildings.

When any one of the army units encounters an enemy in a disputed province, the game switches to real-time tactics mode where the game is played out in a 3D battlefield. This is the most exciting and dramatic part of the game where thousands upon thousands of troops battle it out onscreen.

As the leader the player is given the option to fight the battle or allow the computer to resolve the conflict automatically. If the player opts to continue the battle, the armies of the opposing factions will fight it out until one side is defeated or withdraws.

There is also a game mode where the player can fight historical campaigns such as the Hundred Years War, or assume certain characters like Richard the Lionheart.

Medieval: Total War is the second game in Creative Assembly's Total War series, released in 2002 in North America and Europe by Activision.

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