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What is MediaCapture?

MediaCapture on is a class under Windows.Media.Capture, a Windows API that provides classes for capturing audios, videos and photos. MediaCapture has these attributes: ActivatableAttribute, DualApiPartitionAttribute, MarshalingBehaviorAttribute, ThreadingAttribute and VersionAttribute. The members of MediaCapture are constructors, events, methods and properties.

The constructor for MediaCapture creates a new MediaCapture object. Events include Failed when an error occurs while media capture is in progress and RecordLimitationExceeded when you exceed the record limit. Read-only properties include AudioDeviceController that captures an object that controls microphone settings, MediaCaptureSettings that captures MediaCapture object configuration settings and VideoDeviceController that captures an object that controls video camera settings.

Methods include AddEffectAsync [add effects for video or audio], CapturePhotoToStorageFileAsync [capture photo to file storage], CapturePhotoToStreamAsync [capture random access stream photo], ClearEffectsAsync [remove all stream video and audio effects], GetEncoderProperty [to get value of encoding property], GetPreviewMirroring [to query horizontal mirroring of video stream], GetPreviewRotation [to get video preview stream rotation], GetRecordRotation [to get video record rotation], InitializeAsync() [use default settings to initialize MediaCapture object], InitializeAsync[MediaCaptureInitializationSettings] [to initialize MediaCapture object], SetEncoderProperty [set encoding property], SetPreviewMirroring [to enable/disable horizontal mirroring of video preview stream], SetPreviewRotation [to rotate video preview stream], StartRecordRotation [to rotate recorded video], StartPreviewAsync [to start preview], StartPreviewToCustomSinkAsync [to start streaming preview to custom media sink using specific sink settings or encoding profile], StartRecordToCustomSinkAsync [to start custom media sink recording with specified sink settings or encoding profile], StartRecordToStorageFileAsync [to record asynchronously to storage file], StartRecordToStreamAsync [to start random access stream recording], StopPreviewAsync [to stop preview] and StopRecordAsync [to stop recording].

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012