McAfee Security-as-a-Service

What is McAfee Security-as-a-Service?

McAfee Security-as-a-Service is a comprehensive solution that provides E-mail, Web, network and endpoint protection delivered through Cloud for you to save on your time, costs and efforts. It is part of the Security Connected framework.

The Saas Email Protection offers managed protection against spam, viruses, threats and attacks on your E-mail systems with features such as McAfee Saas Email Encryption, McAfee Saas Email Archiving and McAfee Saas Email Continuity and Protection. The SaaS Integrated Suites safeguards your computers, file servers and laptops from spyware, viruses and Web threats or attacks while keeping your IT staff free from tasks such as upgrading, security management and complex processes for your maintenance. The integration includes McAfee Saas Total Protection, McAfee Saas Email & Web Protection Suite and McAfee Saas Email & Endpoint Protection Suite.

The SaaS Endpoint Protection is managed by McAfee SecurityCenter for blocking threats, viruses and hacker attacks with lower costs. It covers McAfee Saas Endpoint Protection Suite and McAfee Saas Endpoint Protection Advanced Suite. The SaaS Vulnerability Management performs executable reports and vulnerability scanning to measure the risks and test compliance to standards like PCI. It includes McAfee PCI Certification Service and McAfee Vulnerability Assessment SaaS. SaaS Web Protection creates security professionals and SaaS Management to maximize your protection from threats.

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