McAfee Online Backup

If you are looking for McAfee Online Backup, you have come to the right place. We explain what McAfee Online Backup is and point you to the official download.

What is McAfee Online Backup?

The McAfee Online Backup is a remote data backup utility and application that makes a snapshot of your data and important files and stores them in a separate and offsite location, using McAfee’ own backup servers that are virtually unlimited in space, so at last you don’t have to decide which files are important enough to back up and leave the rest. You can essentially make a backup of your entire hard disk and its contents, and all of them are granted immunity to hackers or natural causes that could wipe out your data, such as fires and floods.

The McAfee Online Backup makes backing up easy and convenient. Whenever your computer is idle, or if you set it at periodic intervals, it will automatically create a backup of your selected files, or your entire hard disk on demand. It uses a 128-bit SSL encryption technology to send the backup to McAfee’s servers, with an added layer of 448-bit Blowfish encryption while they’re stored for the ultimate in security. It can even backup files that are open and in use.

Download McAfee Online Backup from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download McAfee Online Backup (external link)


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Last updated: : May 3, 2012