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What is Maxthon?

Previously called as MyIE2, Maxthon is an Internet browser for Microsoft Windows. It is a freeware, donateware to be specific, which is originally made in China. It is believed that this is one of the most popular web browsers in China these days. Since the year 2006, creators of the browser became partners with Microsoft. After two years, in 2008 and 2009, Maxthon was proclaimed as the number one leading browser according to Webware 100.

Maxthon highlights customizable user interface that is made compatible with Internet Explorer. Features also include Java applet, Active X and Flash blocker, AD Hunter which is a blocking utility against pop ups and ads, programmable mouse gestures, RSS reader, Internet Explorere plugin supports, search toolbar up to 8 search engines, automatic updating service, integrated web services, simple collector which is a notepad like utility, group for bookmarking and multiple page opening, and many more. Among the newest features are smart acceleration, magic form filler, improved fed reader, online favorite service, file sniffer, anti freeze and Maxthon security updates.

There are many versions of Maxthon which include Maxthon 1.x and Maxthon2. Maxthon 1.x is commonly known as Classic Maxthon that supports Gecko engine and Trident. On the other hand, Maxthon 2 supports Trident only.

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File types supported by Maxthon

Our users primarily use Maxthon to open these file types:

Some users also use Maxthon to open these file types:

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