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What is magicJack?

MagicJack is both a service and a device, which takes the form of a USB dongle that contains both the software used to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls to landline phones or mobile phones, and the hardware that is used to connect a standard RJ-11 phone jack, which the device interfaces with a computer to place a call from a PC or laptop to any standard phone. This is a unique product and service in that users basically only pay for a MagicJack annual subscription and place calls without having to pay expensive charges incurred as with any other call especially from countries outside the US; such calls are unlimited and unmetered. Though other programs or services offer VoIP, MagicJack is unique in that it offers a way to call a landline or cellular phone through a computer, only that it should be connected to a phone line and requires a decent broadband connection to function.

MagicJack also allows voicemail, in which users can send voicemail that will be stored on the MagicJack servers and sent to the email address of the subscriber. There are security problems with MagicJack, however, including its inability to be uninstalled.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012