Magic Inlay

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What is Magic Inlay?

Magic Inlay is a puzzle game published by GameHouse. The game is a spin-off of the Puzzle Inlay game. The game requires the player to fit all the gems onto the specially-shaped board. The game tests the player’s puzzle skills as they try to fit all the gems of various shapes into their appropriate places.

There are three fantasy worlds, called episodes, to choose from: Dragon Land, Fantasy Valley and Fairy Isles. Each episode has several stages, and different types of puzzle boards. There are also three game types/difficulty levels that are provided to the user: Lite, Normal and Pro.

The Lite difficult level is the easiest of the three. In this level, the player does no t lose and does earn points. This can be played to practice the player’s skills. In the Normal level, the player earns points and game speed is also normal. The last level, Pro, the player earns points, and the game speed is much faster; plus there are also angry creatures that make game play more difficult.

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Download Magic Inlay (external link)


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