Magic Ball - New Worlds

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What is Magic Ball - New Worlds?

The gameplay of Magic Ball 2 has returned. It is a companion to the hit Magic Ball. Magic Ball 2 – New Worlds features 3D designs for the user to smash up brick by brick, plus power ups, weapons, and animated characters. System requirements include a Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 operating system, a CPU of 600 MHz, and 128 MB of RAM. DirectX should be 6.0, and the hard drive should have 23 MB. Its game manager requires an Internet Explorer 7 browser.

Magic Ball – New Worlds has a set of new levels, and features power-ups and weapons. It also has some animated characters, with 3D graphics and sounds. Magic Ball is an arcade game where the player must use a ball to paddle and bring down complex 3D structures. With each brick that the player destroys, he gets closer to completing the level. And with each block that vanishes, he has a chance of dropping a power-up. He can use these power-ups to break the bricks a lot faster. Magic Ball has unlimited play, and plenty of new levels and characters.

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Last updated: : November 24, 2013