Longbow Digital Arts DX-Ball

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What is Longbow Digital Arts DX-Ball?

DX-Ball is an online game produced by Longbow Digital Arts. The overall game features two brand new Power-Ups, a simple in to play "Kid Mode", along with a hot seat multiplayer setting packaged with an authentic soundtrack through SideWinder.

DX-Ball additionally presents the actual function associated with board-set choice, permitting the ball player to pick in between various models associated with planks in order to play. The free demonstration arrives complete with twenty-four boards split in to 6 board-sets associated with four board search. Extra board packages may be set up with the use of more boards, whereas Board Pack 1 may increase the demonstration board-sets to twenty-four boards each.

The concept of this game is patterned after Microsoft's Breakout-style online game If you haven't played this game before, the concept is simple: Make use of the computer mouse to maneuver the paddle backwards and forwards across the base of the screen, whilst bouncing the ball in order to split through a pattern of bricks above. The graphical interface of DX-Ball is made simple to accommodate gamers of all ages.

Download Longbow Digital Arts DX-Ball from the developer

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Last updated: : September 25, 2013