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What is LogMeIn?

LogMeIn is a remote login and remote control software by LogMeIn, the same company that has developed and marketed the wildly popular Hamachi client, which is well-received by gaming communities around the world. The premise of the LogMeIn is simple. With a free LogMeIn account which you can create on their website, you can link your computer to this account so, when you are logged in, you can control your computer remotely and through the Internet, as if you were right in front of it. LogMeIn supports both PC and Mac, and the supported devices that you can use LogMeIn from include any PC, Mac or even a mobile device like smartphones or tablets so you can do your work while on the go. Run programs, perform daily routines or maintenance on your computer, even send an email or update your personal information manager – all this through the Internet and LogMeIn, and all free.

With LogMeIn, you can also reactivate your computer while it’s on sleep mode, or even shut it down remotely. Also, due to the inherent security vulnerability of this procedure, LogMeIn uses a patented encryption and security feature that banks use for their online banking transactions, such as a 256-bit SSL.

Download LogMeIn from the developer

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Download LogMeIn (external link)


About file types supported by LogMeIn

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Last updated: : May 3, 2012