What is Lhaz?

Lhaz is a software used mainly for lazer hazard assessment. It is a platform used with maximum permissible exposure (MPE). This software is used by different government agencies in the user, particularly the military, to classify and analyze safety concerns and therefore helps official and decision makers in implementing safety-related program.

Lhaz conforms to the strict standards set by American National Standards Institute and complies with ANSI Standard Z136.1, ANSI Z136.1. It should be noted, however, that this is not an expert tool and is only utilized to provide key information on potential hazard issues and threats. The program can also be learned by anyone manually and by checking the guide provided with the software itself.

Once installed, you will see seven main menus on your window namely File, Edit, and Windows, Reports, Units, and Help. All documents or standard reports prepared using these programs are automatically saved in Rich Text format. There are shortcuts you can use to make use of the features with ease. To make use of Lhaz, your computer should run on the following Operating Systems Windows XP with programming language. NET version 1.1.

Download Lhaz from the developer

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Download Lhaz (external link)

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File types supported by Lhaz

About file types supported by Lhaz

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