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What is JSR Viewer?

JSRs are Java Specification Requests that gives actual descriptions of both final and proposed specifications of a Java application. These JSRs undergo reviews and approval processes. For you to be updated with the status of the JSRs in which process or which part of a process, you can join the Mailing List of the Java Community Press [JCP]. The JCP is the community of developers for Java Technology Specifications. You will be able to receive E-mails of updates with JSR review stages. Or, you can view the list of JSRs by viewing the JSR list. You can sort them by JSR ID number, Spec Lead Company Name and Title using links on top of the page.

You can also view JSRs by Platform, Stage, Technology and Committee. You can also view the JSRs by their stages in the approval or review processes that are new JSR in review, JSRs in Early Draft Review, JSRs in Public Review [final releases and proposed final drafts] and JSRs in Maintenance Review. To see the vote count of every JSR, you may view the Ballot Results page. Some JSR view lists that have stopped development are either withdrawn during the process or not approved by the Committee.

Download JSR Viewer from the developer

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Download JSR Viewer (external link)


About file types supported by JSR Viewer

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Last updated: : October 24, 2012