Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour

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What is Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour?

From Japan to Barcelona, with racks full of clothes and new male and female models await in Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour. Mother and daughter designers, Jojo and Rosalind Cruz, have finally earned a name in the fashion world. Now, Ros is leaving the nest to pursue her own dreams, and Jojo must fund a reliable replacement. Does the player have what it takes to design clothing worthy of the Las Cruces runway? Players can design their own clothes to flaunt on the catwalk, go on a city tour to showcase fashion, and master different styles in levels of play. Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour adds even more unique gameplay to the incredible fun of the first two games.

System requirements include a Processor Pentium of 1000 MHz or better, a DirectX Version 7.0 or above, and a Video Card RAM of 128MB. Operating System must be Windows XP or Vista, and Hard Drive Space must be 250 MB. RAM should be 1GB, and Download Size must be 234 MB.

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Last updated: : April 9, 2014