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What is Invadazoid?

Invadazoid is an interactive Arkanoid type of PC game which was released by Bantam City in 2005. To create a unique and fun game, the developers mixed the Arkanoid game style with the concept of the original Space Invaders. The aliens replaced the bricks as the antagonists while the player, being the protagonists, uses a ball for an offense which can become more powerful by adding power ups picked up throughout the game.

There are 4 game modes that the user can choose from and enjoy namely, Invasion mode which is the regular game itself, Survival mode, Boss mode and Classic mode. In Survival mode, the player faces waves and hordes of alien attackers while in the Boss mode, the player is able to choose from 8 missions where bosses are the main villains. Classic mode, however, is an option that lets the player play the game using Space Invader rules, and lastly, Invasion mode lets the player fight against hundreds of aliens to save the Earth, once the player finishes all the levels in this mode, it unlocks the Boss mode option.

There are also multiple power ups like missile deflector, explosive ball, magnet ball and invinci-ball which can counter the boss’ powers which include dummy bombs and HE bombs. This game can be played in all Windows operating systems.

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Download Invadazoid (external link)


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Last updated: : November 7, 2013