Internet Information Services

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What is Internet Information Services?

Internet Information Services or IIS, which is formerly known as Internet Information Server, is a web-server application considered as an extension with a set of features developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP but this is not turned on by default so installation has to be executed.

Internet Information Services is a secure type of web server that is easy to use and manage when hosting on the World Wide Web. It is designed with open and scalable architecture for various media and web applications. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTPS, FTP, NNTP and SMTP. It is accessed through the Administrative Tools located in the Control Panel or the Microsoft Management Console. Once accessed, users have the control to deploy or manage a variety of applications and websites from a central place, remote management of delegate site configuration, admin management of tools via command line, UI and different programmatic APIs. Other features of this software include dynamic compression and caching in high speed which improve performance, diagnostic tools to fix any issues, security on the server and web content publishing, as well as access protection.

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Last updated: : October 2, 2012