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What is Icytower?

Icytower or Icy Tower is a game developed by Free Lunch Design. The basic requirement of the game is for the player to jump from floor to floor to reach the top of the tower. The player can jump as high as they can to surpass several floors at a time. If the player continues to jump high enough to surpass several floors, they get a combo score. However, if the player stays too long on one floor, they lose their combo move, and will go back to climbing one floor at a time.

As the player gets higher up the tower, the floors begin slipping down, which consequently brings the player down as well. Reaching the bottom floor ends the game. There are also floors that automatically go down the bottom, and the player must avoid these in order to keep playing.

The higher the player goes, the more points are rewarded to them. The player can also bounce off of the walls, left or right, to reach the higher floors. The game ends when the player reaches the top of the tower.

Download Icytower from the developer

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Download Icytower (external link)


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Last updated: : June 14, 2013