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What is ICEMSurf?

ICEMSurf or ICEM Surf is software developed by Dassault Systèmes that provides the user with a program that will help them with Class A surface modeling, which is a type of surface modeling generally utilized in the automotive industry. The software is complementary to CAD programs, which means that the user can fully utilize the software in their existing CAD design platform.

The software basically allows the user to design interior and exterior surfaces, based on product specs. Users may design from the ground up, or edit surface models created through external CAD programs. There are three modules that comprise the ICEM Surf surface modeling solution: ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Master, and ICEM Surf Magic.

The main module is the ICEM Surf Professional that provides the user with advanced tools for freeform surface modeling, allowing the user to simultaneously work on curved and smooth surface models.

Users are also provided with diagnostics and analysis tools that enable them to identify flaws in the design in real-time, allowing for immediate modification of the design when needed.

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Download ICEMSurf (external link)


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Last updated: : April 17, 2013