I SPY Treasure Hunt

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What is I SPY Treasure Hunt?

I SPY Treasure Hunt is a video game from Scholastic, Inc. It is available in CD-ROM format. The game takes the player to Smuggler’s Cove, where hidden treasures abound. Exploring Smuggler’s Cove to find the hidden treasures, the player is given riddles to solve, which help them in finding the treasures and unlocking clues. For each riddle solved, the player is given a portion of a map. All map pieces must be collected in order to reveal the full map, which then gives the player another pirate game to play.

The map will lead the player to more treasures that were hidden by legendary pirates. There are more than 60 different riddles to be solved, and numerous treasures and clues to be discovered. There are also 3 maps that need to put together by the player.

The game is appropriate for kids of all ages. Categorized as a Hidden Objects type of game, I SPY Treasure Hunt is compatible with Windows operating systems, from Windows XP to Windows 7. A downloadable version is also provided by accredited game distributors online.

Download I SPY Treasure Hunt from the developer

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Last updated: : May 26, 2013