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I-Doser Premium

What is I-Doser Premium?

I-Doser produces Binaural Brainwave Doses. It uses scientific and safe methods of synchronizing brainwaves. This simulated state is achieved by using I-Doser’s product line. This Binaural Process is patented with extensive research and development. One of the exciting features of an I-Doser’s premium is to be able to dress up the player in one’s own style and mood, with a hyper-skin engine that puts them in control. This software contains a collection of mind-bending visualizations which can boost the effects of doses.

Users can save and transfer their doses into MP3 files, and they can use them on all sorts of devices that they own, including media players, phones and smartphones, and tablet devices as well. They can also add ambient moodscapes into their doses, or include their very own music tracks to personalize their dosing experiences. Tracks found in the I-Doser usually last up to 30-40 minutes long. They are administered by a program called I-Doser V5. This file format has some encoded sounds. These sounds, which end in .drg, can only run on the I-Doser. Some of these files are marked for relaxation, to simulate substances, and for the improvement of mind and mentality.

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