Hra Pinball

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What is Hra Pinball?

You need to keep the ball playing to stay in the game. It includes mini games. You need to finish the challenges to release the Volcanic Fireball. It is a pre-rendering of 3D graphics with three different game modes in the form of tables. These include Skulduggery, Dragon’s Keep and Space Cadet. The player’s score, player number, various information, table-specific image and ball number are displayed on the side of each table.

Space Cadet needs you to complete missions to go higher in rank as a space fleet member. The 9 ranks from highest to lowest are: Fleet Admiral, Admiral, Commodore, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, Ensign and Cadet. Skulduggery is a treasure hunt game where you need to look for PegLeg’s Loot. You can do this by either completing a mini-game series on modes or by putting together a treasure map. The modes are pirate-themed like escape from Bermuda Triangle, sword fight, ship battle, tavern fight and mutiny.

The Dragon’s Keep require you to finish quests for you to slay the dragon. The missions include Rescue Maiden wherein you need to save the damsel in distress, Dragon Hoard for you to steal the hoard, Dragon Pass to find your way to the dragon’s place, Fire Lizard Attack to fight fire lizard, Wizard’s Fury and Slay Dragon.

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Last updated: : December 5, 2012