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Hornil StylePix Pro

What is Hornil StylePix Pro?

Hornil StylePix Pro is a raster graphics editing program with a drawing capabilities as well as batch processing functionalities. The former gives users options such as clone brushes, erasers and gradation while the latter allows them to process multiple files in a single operation: for instance, users can convert multiple files at once into different formats using the function.

Editing is performed through layers. The program’s native format is TSP, which retains layer and editing information. This ensures users can inspect their edits and tweak them whenever desired. Its build also makes it an ideal full-featured image editing solution for even those working with low resource computing systems, making ultra-high processor and graphics capabilities unnecessary for essential image editing.

The program includes an image viewer that is capable of reading nearly all the popular image file formats, so users will not have to turn to another application just to view images for sorting or preview. It offers other image editing functions like text insertion and editing, image enhancement via manual selection or automated algorithms, image and color restoration, and even a dynamic brush for users who prefer to create their own unique brush styles.

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File types supported by Hornil StylePix Pro

Our users primarily use Hornil StylePix Pro to open these file types:

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