HipSoft Digby's Donuts

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What is HipSoft Digby's Donuts?

Hipsoft Digby’s Donuts, a game developed by Hipsoft, is a time-management game. It has a file size of 7.7 Mb, an executable file which is DigbysDonnuts.Setup.exe, and runs on Windows 98 operating system.

The game is about Digby who runs his donut stores in many cities. The goal of the player is to help him run the business.

Here is what the player must do to help Digby. First, watch out for donuts. They come falling from the flipper. Catch the donuts stacking them in combos to earn points. Your only tool here is your mouse. Move it from side to side. Match at least three or more donuts and click drop to be delivered to the customers. Getting donuts correctly stacked up will also deliver the player to the next level.

There will be more than 80 levels of stacking donuts as the player travels along the 20 different Digby donut stores in 20 different cities. Bonus rounds will also be provided with background music.

Hipsoft Digby’s Donut has two game modes; Franchise and Arcade. In addition, players can test their donut skill in the bonus rounds provided which can be saved and be resumed anytime.

Download HipSoft Digby's Donuts from the developer

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Download HipSoft Digby's Donuts (external link)


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Last updated: : September 24, 2013