Hero DVD Player

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What is Hero DVD Player?

Developed by Century Herosoft Computer Technology Co.,Ltd, Hero DVD Player is a PC application that has an Exclusive 2-channel Front/back Surrounding Technology and Soft Line-Connection technology providing 6-channel sound experience by placing general stereo sound boxes front/back even if the original source was not encoded for 5.1 channel output. It also has a Correcting Technology which allows users to play crash disks and the result is as good as double lasers. One may also write and edit captions and place them in any preferred location. In addition, it features an exclusive Direct DVDROM correcting Storage Technology which provides ease against laser's wear and tear. This player also facilitates transmission of DVD movies from PC to TV with the use of Double Screen VGA cards.

Hero DVD Player supports high Coded and Image Qualified 422/444 Format Video as well as stream transmitted MPEG2. It also features a bookmark function that enables users to mark and jump to favorite scenes. Additionally, it offers a broken-point recording function which allows users to automatically replay interesting points in a file. This player also offers a wide range of different languages for users to select right from its interface. Such languages that Hero DVD Player supports are English, French, Japan, Italian, Germany, Russian, etc.

Download Hero DVD Player from the developer

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About file types supported by Hero DVD Player

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Last updated: : September 10, 2014