Hamster Free ZIP Archiver

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What is Hamster Free ZIP Archiver?

As the name implies, Hamster Free ZIP Archiver is a complete freeware file compression/decompression tool developed by Hamstersoft. ZIP Archiver archives and extracts files in RAR, WINRAR, ZIP, WINZIP, 7ZIP, and other widely-used formats. Compressing and decompressing files are uncomplicated to perform, whereas the program’s layout and functionalities are simple and are fully up to date.

The Hamster Free ZIP Archiver provides user settings (Minimum, Optimal and Maximum) which enable users to settle on compression size and speed. In terms of speed, Maximum is the slowest, and produces the smallest file size. Besides, ZIP Archiver splits up large files into small archives; allowing users to transfer files fast and easy. Aside from utilizing productivity settings and optimum compression, the Hamster Free ZIP Archiver takes full advantage of the multi-core processing options.

The Hamster Free ZIP Archiver is integrated with diverse preset functions which allow users to make use of CDs, DVDs, email, and RapidShare. It protects and secures archived files by incorporating passwords assigns by users.

Download Hamster Free ZIP Archiver from the developer

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Download Hamster Free ZIP Archiver (external link)


File types supported by Hamster Free ZIP Archiver

About file types supported by Hamster Free ZIP Archiver

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