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What is Hamachi Client?

Hamachi from LogMeIn Inc. is a VPN, or a virtual private network, application that allows the emulation of two or more computers as if they were part of a local area network, or LAN. Hamachi essentially establishes direct links between these computers as if their hardware were all connected physically, and is also a well-received application since it requires no further configuration of the user’s PC or networking protocols to work. Hamachi still works even if either client is behind a NAT firewall. The way this works is that each Hamachi client connects to a central server maintained by LogMeIn Inc., which acts as the host computer in a LAN setting and also provides authentication, security, and “room” in which a Hamachi client session with other users can take place. Because of this functionality, Hamachi is often used for online and multiplayer gaming, and somewhat for remote administration. As of this writing, LogMeIn Inc. provides the Hamachi client for free, but there are also editions of the software with more advanced features that can be purchased.

The Hamachi client is available for all three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Security risks using Hamachi is minimal, as Hamachi uses an industry-standard algorithm to encrypt data passing through its network and servers.

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File types supported by Hamachi Client

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012