Haihaisoft Universal Player

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What is Haihaisoft Universal Player?

The Haihaisoft Universal Player is a simple program that is capable of playing any type of media file. It has a user-friendly layout and gives great results. The application has an interface that is very easy to navigate because of its well-labeled command icons. It contains familiar design that mimicks other video and music players, so the Help file did not need to be consulted. The Haihaisoft Universal Player proved to be impressive with its ability to jump quickly, as well as seamlessly from one media type to another media type. Various audio, video, and photo file types can be opened without any trouble.

It can open various file formats such as the WMV, JPEG, MP3 and the more, without the player encountering a snag. It contains a crisp sound and video images proved to be clear. The application includes a special library feature for organizing the user’s media so the user does not need to pull the files from his or her hard drive every time he or she tries to access them. While the library is not considered unique, the Haihaisoft Universal Player’s library feature works well and helps the user stay organized. The player is simple and versatile and proves to be exactly what the user needs in order to manage his or her media. The player is a free program and it is a recommended player among prospective users.

Download Haihaisoft Universal Player from the developer

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File types supported by Haihaisoft Universal Player

About file types supported by Haihaisoft Universal Player

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Last updated: : January 20, 2013