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What is HAANSOFT HncFinder?

HAANSOFT HncFinder is software from Haansoft Corporation, a computer program developer from Korea. The company is now known as Hancom, Inc. The program functions as a utility for the system, checking registry entries, applications, startup entries and processes running in the background.

This application is related to HncUtils, which is a selection of utilities installed through the Hancom Office Suite software. These utilities enable the system to configure installation of the Hancom Office Suite, look for updates for the office suite, generate a report of registry entries, install modules for Task Scheduler, search for toolbar buttons for Internet Explorer (IE), and check browser helper objects for IE.

Hancom Office Suite provides the user with productivity applications that can be utilized for regular computing activities such as creating a database, document or slide presentation. These activities are enabled through the following applications: Hanword, also known as Hangul, which is the word processing app of the suite; Hancell, which provides the user with a spreadsheet app; and Hanshow, a presentation application that allows for the creation of slideshows.

Download HAANSOFT HncFinder from the developer

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Download HAANSOFT HncFinder (external link)


About file types supported by HAANSOFT HncFinder

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Last updated: : May 7, 2013