GPL Ghostscript Lite

What is GPL Ghostscript Lite?

Ghostscript Lite is the lite version of open-source software suite Ghostscript that is an interpreter of page description languages or PDL for Adobe PostScript and PDF [Portable Document Format]. This project is created with Advanced Installer Free Edition. What is PDL? It is a language that provides a higher level of description of the appearance of a printed page than an actual bitmap output. It should not be confused with PCL [printer control language] that is exclusive for Hewlett Packard only. PDL can be streams of text or binary data. These streams can be rendered several times to make multiple copies for the same image. They are also different from graphical languages such as API, GDI and OpenGL that create graphical outputs.

The main functions of Ghostsript is to render and raster PDL files, perform conversion between PDF and PostScript files, and to show and print document pages. It is featured as a RIP [raster image processor] for raster printers such as input filtering of line printer daemon. It also supports formats such as PDF/X-3 and PDF/A. It can also be used as a programming environment.

It has been adapted across platforms such as Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows, OpenVMS, MS-DOS, Atari TOS, Plan 9, AmigaOS, FreeDOS and OS/2. Graphical user interfaces created using Ghostscript to view and print single to multiple pages include Ghostview, gv, mgv, GSview, PDF Blender, Moonshiner, KGhostView, Okular and PDFcreator.

GPL Ghostscript is a variant of Ghostscript that runs under GNU General Public License as a free software. GNU Ghostscript is another variant that belongs to the GNU project that is based on the GPL variant. ESP Ghostscript is a variant distributed by Easy Software Products under GPL Ghostscript that has been modified several times to enhance compatibility with Common Unix Printing System. Ghostscript is the commercial version by Artifex Software for close-sourced products. GPL Ghostscript is also the basis for Display Ghostscript that supports Display PostScript.

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