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What is Google Quick Search Box?

The Hotspot Shield Launcher is the launcher application of Hotspot Shield, which will bring up the program to the user's full view where they can then control some settings and behavior of the application.

Hotspot Shield is a little utility that protects your Internet traffic via encryption, ensuring no data can be traced to you, nor will confidential data, such as personally identifiable information like credit card or social security numbers that are usually filled out in forms, can be seen by anonymous users on the Internet. Hotspot Shield claims that it's the world's most trusted VPN, or a virtual private network, since it creates a special "tunnel" for you and the server which only you and the server sees and can access. What is great about Hotspot Shield is that it can totally render your connection anonymous, which is especially useful for public Wi-Fi spots (like in airports), and it works on both wired and wireless Internet connections. According to developer AnchorFree, HotSpot Shield is used by 10 million users around the world, effectively making it the largest and most popular VPN globally.

Hotspot Shield manages this by ensuring that all your online transactions use the HTTPS protocol, which is like HTTP as we use it normally on the web, but more secure since it uses an encryption method, plus it makes you practically invisible to third-party web sites and even your own ISP. HotSpot Shield isn't limited to web browsers, either, as it will protect you regardless of the browser you use.

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Last updated: : July 11, 2012