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What is Google Inc. Google Apps?

Google Apps suite is a program that brings data, processes and people together. Google Apps provides solutions for Business, Education and Government. It provides you with tools to be able to deliver its proposed functions. Its main features include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sites, Vault and More Apps.
Gmail is not just E-mail. You can work on it using any mobile device or computer with data connection. You can also work offline. It provides 25GB of storage letting you store significant amounts of data, perform searches and organize your files. It also offers text messages, voice and video chat online. You can get updates, view shared documents and profile photos of your contacts.

Calendar gets you prepared for your day’s events, plans or meetings through reminders [on your inbox and phone] and file or document attachments to your calendar events. The smart scheduling feature provides suggestions for meeting time that could work for you and your team or anyone. You can publish your calendar of schedules on your Website, and create slots for your customer appointments so they can choose their preferred schedule.

Google Drive lets you store, share and update your data. You can access your data from anywhere. Google Docs are stored in Google Drive. You can make documents, presentations and spreadsheets using Google Docs, or you can upload your existing work and edit them online. You can control the privacy of your documents and data as to who can view, edit or comment on them. Multiple people can work on a document at the same time with the integration of chat and Google Docs.

Sites lets you create a workplace that you can share with your team, company, customers or all of them. You can build a site without writing codes. Built-in templates are provided for you. You can control who can view and edit your site. Google search assists you to look for content you need. Settings are adjustable.
Vault is an optional app. It covers e-discovery, archiving and information governance. Additional charges apply on monthly basis. This will let you retain, archive, search, retrieve, export and audit your chat and E-mail messages.

More Google apps include Google+, Chrome for Business, Google Groups, Google Reader, AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Checkout, Moderator, Translate, Google Apps Script, Fusion Tables, Custom Search, Maps, Voice, Blogger, Places, Google News, YouTube, Code and Picasa Web Albums. These apps are not part of Google Apps core suite and Google Apps terms of support and uptime guarantee SLA. They may change without notice.

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Last updated: : November 6, 2012